Why You Should Consider the TRēO 3-in-1 Hearing Amplifier

Over The Counter Hearing Amplifiers Are Now Available at Your Local Pharmacy

Have you heard the news? The expanding category of over the counter hearing amplifiers is becoming so popular that you can now find them at some of the largest retailers in America including CVS Health, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, The Medicine ShoppePharmacy and Medicap Pharmacy.

But before you buy one, this information may be helpful.

The Definition of a PSAP.

A PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Product), also known as a hearing amplifier, is less expensive than a hearing aid. It’s comfortable to wear. And it’s an effective option for non-hearing impaired people.

In fact, PSAPs can enhance the natural sound available on your TV, what you experience on your nature walks and on your conversations with your friends and family.

How The TRēO™ by iHEAR® Is Intended to Be Used.
We know that it’s being enjoyed by our customers who are:

  • Listening to lectures with the speaker some distance away.
  • Listening to soft sounds that may be difficult for people with normal hearing to hear, such as distant conversations.
  • Listening to musical performances, concerts, ballets and symphonies.
  • Listening while hunting.
  • Listening while bird watching.

How TRēO Is Different From Other PSAPs.
Quality makes a difference. TRēO is a 3-in-1 digital hearing amplifier and among the most advanced hearing amplifiers on the market. TRēO (1) amplifies sound so you can hear soft sounds clearly, (2) clarifies speech to help you listen to soft sounds that may be difficult for individuals with normal hearing, and (3) suppresses noise by accentuating sounds in specific environments.

Signs That You Should Consider Using PSAPs.

  • When you would like to up the volume for normal conversations.
  • When you’re unable to distinguish public announcements at stores or at work.
  • When you find that you would like a little more volume while watching TV.
  • When you skip musical performances or lectures because they are not properly amplified.

These may be signs that you would benefit from using the TRēO 3-in-1 hearing amplifier.

More Americans Are Taking Control of Their Own Hearing.

“The future of hearing health technology will evolve over the next few years to be more self-administered and consumer-driven with regard to hearing screening, as well as over-the-counter amplification options from PSAPs and eventually over-the-counter hearing aids,” according to John Luna, iHEAR CEO. “Using the TRēO 3-in-1 hearing amplifier is part of this trend towards self-directed hearing solutions.”

Look for TRēO over the counter hearing amplifiers at a pharmacy near you.